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Areas of Expertise

ACT and SAT Test prep

The high school and college admission process is fraught with myriad challenges, but one of the most important is a student's SAT or ACT test score.  Kevin A Doty Tutors brings a unique combination of academic expertise, educational theory and over 3,000 hours of test coaching experience to help every student strive for their best score.

Academic Tutoring

Sometimes students need help with their academics that goes beyond the teacher, their parents and their classmates.  Kevin A Doty Tutors strives to not only meet the needs of students who are struggling but to transform these students by giving them the background, tools, and confidence they need to not just pass their classes but to excel.

Custom Curriculum and Training

While most students respond well to proven educational strategies and techniques, some students have particular needs that go beyond these solutions.  Kevin A Doty Tutors develops and executes custom educational solutions by partnering with the student, their school and their families to meet their educational needs and help them succeed.  This has been especially helpful for full-time student athletes as well as students with debilitating physical and emotional issues.


Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
— John Dewey


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