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Thoughts On Learning

Tomorrow is a big day...

If you're taking the ACT, tomorrow is a big day.

Except that it’s also not.

Here’s what I need you to know - know in the deepest depth of your being.

Tomorrow is just one test out of many you have taken before, and many that you will take in the future.

Of course this ACT test measures a bunch of stuff that you know and that you’ve practiced: circles, commas, vocabulary and science concepts to name a few.

But remember there are also more important things that the ACT does not measure.

Your ingenuity.

Your wit.

Your humor.

Your heart.

And thousands of other things that make you an incredible human being.

But what about college you say?

You’ll go to college somewhere. Or you won’t. There are myriad opportunities and possibilities. One of those will be your path.

Tomorrow is about you doing your best with the preparation you have been given.

Use what you know.

Do what you’ve been taught.

And in a weird nerdy way - have fun. Relax. Treat the test like the unique game that it is, and then crush it!

Whatever happens tomorrow, it’s one test on one day.

No matter what, you’ll still be the same immeasurably valuable human being that you are right now.


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